Interview – Mother Mother

mother250Holly caught up with minimalistic-answerers, Mother Mother. So, here is a minimalistic intro. Deep. Am I indie now?

Who’s there and how are we doing?
Ryan Guldemond and Ali Siadat. Doin’ fine.

Okay, let’s get cracking to the real questions. The rooster symbolism: explain please.
Early rising is a mandate in Mother Mother. The scratches represent self masochism. We’re also not without great bouts of cockiness.

How did you stumble upon the wacky vocals? Did you have an epiphany whilst sitting around practicing music or did you already have the style in your mind?
Our evil plan for conventional vocal harmonies went terribly sideways.

Recently you announced Debra-Jean Creelman’s departure. Do you think this change will affect your sound much in the future?

If you could change anything about yourself or the world around you, what would it be?

Let’s be serious now, would you really wish your legs away? I know they’re taking you to nowhere safe but is that a wise desire? Taking my good advice to ask for something better, what would you honestly wish for given the opportunity?

A firm stomach.

Mothers are renowned for their money management. As the UK’s economy is declining, do you have any saving tips so we can keep some pocket money for ourselves?
The recession is a self-realising prophecy. Stop propagating it by believing in it.

So I hear Ryan wears women’s underwear and likes to strike a pose in his full length mirror. There’s nothing wrong with that, I do it all the time – however, I am female so it may be a bit different for men. Do you do anything else that may be considered a bit odd by the general public?

Using only words beginning with M, how would you describe the band?
Manic. Myriad. Mars. Mary. Misunderstood.

Any European tours planned this year? Hint hint.
Getting there is the hardest part.

Change the record. What bands should we be listening to this year?
Portico, Gang Violence, The Racoons, Hannah Georgas, Rick Waines

And finally, any wisdom you’d like to leave with the readers?
Enjoy your life.


4 Responses to Interview – Mother Mother

  1. The Emperor says:

    I now HATE this band. I have yet to hear them.

  2. George @ CTR says:

    chatty, aren’t they?

  3. Paula_x says:


  4. TLP says:

    I love this bands first album, haven’t heard the second, but damn the whole point of interviews is to connect even more with the fans. And I want some answers, will they be just as good without Debra-Jean Creelman. Why did she leave?

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