Interview – Broadway Calls

Climbing into Broadway Calls‘ tour van, to interview Ty Vaughn (vocals and guitar) and Josh Baird (drums), Nellie had no idea her brain would turn into gunk upon entering the vehicle. Faye, on the other hand, was running on adrenaline… You don’t even want to know.

Nellie: So, we didn’t come with questions prepared, so we’re gonna spit it off like it is. [Ed note: Lulwut?]
Faye: Yeah, let’s roll with the punches.
N : You recently signed with SideOneDummy Records, how did that come about and what was the reception?
Ty : We did Warped Tour last summer, and they have a tent where they sell Warped Tour comps and there was a few SideOne bands like The Briggs and The Gaslight Anthem on. And the guy that sold CDs got a job with SideOneDummy, after the summer, he really liked us and kinda spread the word.
Josh : He talked them [SideOneDummy] into watching us and that was kinda it.

F: So, what’s the deal with Adeline Records?
T: They were just re-releasing our last record, but, yeah, we didn’t have any contract with them.
N: So, is there a contract signed with SideOne?
T: Yeah.
N: Ok, how long is the contract for? Or how many albums?
T: It just depends, there’s options, so it’s like if they want to do more

N: Is there a plan for a new EP?
F: Or new album?
T: Yeah, we wrote a majority of the new record before this tour, and as soon as we get home we’ll write a couple of more songs, and we’ll move into the studio. Hopefully, in March at some point.
J: March 10th we’re supposed to.

N: You’re on tour with Alkaline Trio…
F: Yeah, one of your favourite bands.
N: How’s that been?
T: Yeah, it’s been amazing, and yeah, they’ve been one of our favourite bands.

N: Anyway, what new bands and bands that you like should we be listening to? ‘Cause I hear you usually cover Boxcar by Jawbreaker.
T: Yeah, we do that sometimes.
N: And, I was like, I’ve never heard Jawbreaker before, I’ve been told to listen to them like loads and loads of times, so I did, and I was like, “This is really, really good.”
T: Well, did you see Polar Bear Club with The Gaslight Anthem?
N: Oh my God, I love Polar Bear Club. I actually got into them when we were told about The Gaslight Anthem tour.
J: And a band called The Menzingers. They’re amazing, our next tour is going to be with them.
N: East coast or west coast?
T: West coast. There’s The Swellers too, they’ll blow up.
J: They’re awesome, man.
T: You’ll probably be hearing about them pretty soon, they’re writing a new record that’s gonna be…
J: They’re recording, they’re pretty much done actually.
T: Yeah, it’s gonna be awesome.

N: How do you think this tour is going to be different than your last U.K. tour with All Time Low and Cobra Starship?
F: Yeah, because it wasn’t really your thing, was it?
J: Yeah, it’s going to be way better.
T: Like there was nothing punk about that tour.
F: I could tell, you looked a bit awkward around all the little kids. [laughs]
T: [laughs] Yeah, so, I mean, this is going to be a world of difference. It’s exactly who we want to be touring with. We’re really excited.
J: Yeah, it’s our dream tour.

[Someone’s phone goes off, with the punk ringtone of I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry]
T: My phone’s going off, I’m sorry. [laughs]

J: But, yeah, this is our dream tour.

F: If you could choose, would you add to the line up?
T: Eh, like The Lawrence Arms.
J: Yeah, The Lawrence Arms.
T: Or, like, Polar Bear Club. There’s tons, something awesome like that.
N: Or what about a band that’s split up?
T: Hmm, like on this tour, that’d be hard to say
J: I’d say The Gamits.
T: Gamits were amazing, they were a band from Colorado, they broke up a couple of years ago, that really influenced us. Really, catchy pop songs. Hmm, I don’t know. I would love to watch Jets To Brazil every night if I could.
J: Yeah.
T: That would be hard, though, because I don’t know who would headline.
N: Ok, you would headline, if that makes it easier! [laughs]
J: Or anything with cred. [laughs]
N: They have 14-year-old girls screaming, “Oh my God, I love you!”
T: [laughs] That’s not cred, the same with Katy Perry.
F: [gasps] Aw, nooo, I love Katy Perry! I’m seeing her this month!
N: I’ve seen her twice. [laughs]

[Ty doesn’t look impressed]

T: We saw her all summer. [laughs]
F: Did you meet her?
T: Yeah, we met her. We played some weird Warped Tour shows. It was like in April.
J: Before Warped Tour.
T: It was cool, it was really diverse. It was us, Beat Union, The Aggrolites, 3OH!3, and Katy Perry…
All: [laugh]
T: Before anyone knew who any of us were, you know?
N: How was it being chucked on tours with bands like 3OH!3?
J: Well, that was just like one show. 3OH!3 is awesome.
N: As people, they look like really good people.
T: They are awesome guys. They’re like really intelligent.
N: Musically?
T: [laughs] Musically, they’re fun. I love stuff that’s fun. They don’t take themselves seriously, which is cool, y’know?

N: So how is touring as a three-piece?
J: Easy.
T: Yeah, really easy.
N: Have you ever had any fights? What’s the most common thing you disagree about?
J: Where to eat?
T: Yeah, we’re pretty mellow dudes. We make fun of our bass player all the time, but other than that, there’s no drama. That’s why we’re a three-piece, we can’t find the right person to fill in the other guitar spot.

F: Are you gonna be coming back to the UK soon?
J: We plan on coming back late August/September.
F: How come you were on the Leeds and Reading line-up last year, but you never came over?
T: Yeah, it didn’t work out. We finished Warped Tour…
J: Yeah, I don’t know what happened with that actually.
T: I think it just never got put together, and then we did another US tour in the fall. It was with Polar Bear Club and Crime in Stereo.
N: I love Crime in Stereo, they just came over here with New Found Glory.
T: Yeah, this is the same van they travelled in, with the same driver.

F: Musically, you don’t like New Found Glory, do you?
T: It’s not that I don’t like New Found Glory, I just don’t like all the bands that rip them off.
J: Yeah.
T: That’s the problem, there’s so many shitty ‘pop-punk’ bands in the states right now. To us, that’s not pop-punk, you know, like heavy music mixed with pop-punk. Pop-punk to us is like The Ramones and Green Day. Alkaline Trio is kinda dark, but they’re a pop-punk band. Their old stuff especially.

N: You said bands mixed with heavy and pop-punk, so bands like Four Year Strong?
T: [to Faye] Yeah, I know you love Four Year Strong…
N: Yeah, we love Four Year Strong.
T: Yeah, and that’s cool. I mean, we love Set Your Goals, they’re rad dudes, we like hanging out with them and stuff, but I just don’t consider that pop-punk.
J: I think Four Year Strong is like the worst thing happening…
F and N: [GASP!]
N: Are you serious?!
F: Nooo!
J: Yeah, ‘cause kids think it’s pop-punk.
N: I wouldn’t call it pop-punk. I’d call it…
J: I mean, if you had to label it, you’d be like pop-punk.
F: Nah, popcore!
J: I love hardcore and I love pop-punk, and they should be, you know, separate.
T: Yeah, I don’t really like it that much, because we were in a hardcore band, and we could do that if we wanted to. [laughs] But it doesn’t make any sense, they’re great on their own.

F: What are your favourite hardcore bands?
T: Eh, Strife…
J: Snapcase, Kid Dynamite…
T: Good Riddance.
J: Yeah, those are probably the top.
T: Yeah, those are all really good, and Four Year Strong!
All: [laugh]
N: We’re gonna say you love them, anyway!
T: Yeah, that’s fine… [laughs]
N: I’m hoping the dictaphone didn’t pick up on all that.
T: Nah, it’s fine, I don’t care if you put it in.
F: Next thing you know, you’re gonna have big beef on the internet.
J: It’s just our opinion.

N: So, the internet, how’s your reception been on the internet?
J: We’re not really like a hyped band like Four Year Strong. Gaslight Anthem’s another hyped band. We’re not hyped, kids just like us.
T: We gradually get into kids’ playlists.
J: We’re more of a working band, than, like…
N: It being giving to you.
J: Which is cool.
T: I think we earned to be to be on Alkaline Trio tour, which is awesome. And like, The Audition, I don’t know, I guess they got it because they knew the right people. I guess we knew the right people too, but…
J: We knew Alkaline Trio, and they liked us.

F: What new albums are you looking forward to this year?
J: The new Green Day is coming out, like, this year sometime.
N: Green Day, I kind of lost hope with them.
T: Really? They’ve never disappointed me, I’ve always liked them.
N: I mean, the older stuff and Dookie was like, “Wow”.
T: I mean, Dookie changed the world, Dookie changed music, like, none of these bands today would have exist without Dookie’s success.
N: Yeah, an inspiration to most bands.
J: Yeah, like most bands today who are playing melodic pop-punk, you know.
T: I’m trying to think of who else, Polar Bear Club, The Swellers, erm…
F: Four Year Strong!
T: Four Year Strong? Is it? I’ll definitely listen.
F: Set Your Goals.
T: Oh, yeah.
J: I’m excited to hear that.
F: Yeah, man, it’s been too long!
T: Yeah, definitely.

N: Have you heard A Day To Remember’s new album?
J: That’s another band that I can’t stand.
T: Who’s that?
J: A Day To Remember.
T: Oh, yeah.
J: I heard those dudes were shitty.
F: Yeah, I’ve heard bad stuff about them too.
J: Like, the ugly guitar player guy, apparently, he was bragging this summer about how he makes more money than his parents. Like, what kid does that? It’s disrespectful to your parents.

N: Oh, and the Max Bemis thing, he put the money up to $300 to write a song for fans, compared to $150 when he first started.
F: Yeah, do you agree with that?
T: Nah, our friends The Swellers kind of counteracted that, they did it for free, because he was doing that. I think it’s pretty lame.
J: Yeah, it is lame.
T: He’s asking for kids to give him ideas for the songs, right…
N: Yeah, it was rumoured he was going to use the songs and put them on his new album.
F: Yeah, wasn’t it like a big drama?
J: Yeah, we read that. I don’t know, it’s kinda cool, but at the same time it’s not. If I was a kid that loved Say Anything, and they wrote a song that I helped create…
N: Yeah, you’d feel proud, but at the same time it’s still $150 dollars gone out of your pocket, and that’s a lot of money.
J: Yeah, well, it’s probably your parents money. It’s ridiculous, I don’t know. It is lame, but in some ways it’s cool.
N: I do like Max Bemis.

J: I don’t like the Two Tongues thing.
N: No Saves The Day love?
J: I love Saves The Day.
T: Yeah, we love Saves The Day. The problem is that I don’t like new Saves The Day. His voice changed, and it’s all weird. I hate it.
N: Like Through Being Cool, that was so good.
T: Yeah, so good.
N: Now it’s like, “Remember when they made Through Being Cool…”. Sooo, throughout this interview we managed to slag off a couple of bands: Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember… [laughs]
F: Say Anything.
N: Yeah, Max Bemis’ ethics.
T: We like the first Say Anything record a lot.
J: Yeah, I think it’s a really good record. And the thing is with Four Year Strong and A Day To Remember, we don’t know those guys.
N: You would like them, I think.
F: Four Year Strong are lovely!
T: Yeah, I’m sure, but we haven’t had the opportunity to meet them.
J: But the music, we’ve listened to and don’t like.
N: You’ve gotta have fun music, though!
J: Oh, yeah, we have Chromeo.
T: Yeah, Chromeo.

F: What are your guilty pleasures?
T: I don’t know if I have guilty pleasures..
J: Yeah, I don’t know if I’m really guilty of anything.
N: If you had to be guilty!
J: I guess Chromeos are guilty.
T: Nah, that’s not guilty. Hmm, I can’t think of any guilty pleasures.
F: Shakira?
J: We like watching her videos.
T: I don’t know.
N: You could say Katy Perry is one.
J: Yeah, I might have sang a song in my head.
T: Yeah, her shit’s catchy. I might like one Fall Out Boy song.
N: You don’t like Fall Out Boy?
T: Not a fan, nah.
N: I think my guilty pleasures are Brokencyde.
F: And Millionaires!
N: Yeah! We know for a fact they’re bad. [laughs]
J: Oh, God, I hate them. Have you heard that?
T: Who?
J: Brokencyde. Is that the rap, like hardcore, screamo…
F: Crunkcore.
J: Oh my God, that’s so bad.
N: Yeah, it’s terrible, but because it’s catchy…
T: It’s a guilty pleasure.
N: Yeah, exactly!
J: Hmm, Cobra Starship.
T: Yeah, you know what, they’re a guilty pleasure. I love watching them.
J: Yeah, that’s guilty pleasure.
T: Their records I don’t like them because they’re kinda fake sounding, the drums are all digital and not real, but live, they’re a fucking good band. They’re tight and talented.
F: Did you get on when you were on tour with them?
T: Yeah!
N: What about All Time Low?
T: I don’t like their music, but they’re cool dudes, nice guys.
J: But, yeah, I think Cobra Starship is cool, a guilty pleasure, man.

N: They’ve postponed two tours here, one in September, then to January, and now to May, have you ever had to postpone a tour?
J: We’ve had band problems.
T: Yeah, but I don’t think we’ve ever had to cancel a whole tour?
J: We’ve cancelled like 2-3 weeks of a tour.

N: Have you had people say “Oh, you’re sell outs because you’ve been signed.”?
T: There’s some kids that are bitter on the internet, but I don’t know why, I think they just don’t like us.
N: Internet people have no lives, I think I know that by now. [laughs]
F: [laughs] Yeah, we we really do have no life.
J: There’s one band from Portland, that said something like, it’s really stupid, but they said they weren’t being looked at by SideOne and that the only reason we were, was because we had more MySpace friends.
All: [laughs]
J: We know for a fact that SideOne wasn’t even looking at them. It’s just weird that they’d make up a story like that. We called them out on it.

N: But on the whole, everything’s good in the Broadway Calls world?
T: Yeah, we’re meeting new kids all over, like we just did two weeks in Europe and got introduced to the exact fan base we wanted.
N: European kids are scary.
F: Yeah, especially the Germans.
J: Yeah, that language was scary. [laughs] The kids were cool, even ones we couldn’t talk to were nice, but it was hard to communicate.
N: They could have been saying, “You’re really shit!” and you would have been like, “Aw, thank you!”
T: What was cool, was that a lot of them spoke English.
[Weird man comes up to the van, disrupting the interview]
N: Creepy guy was…?
T: That was our driver.
F & N: Ohh, ok.

N: I think this interview is coming to an end.
F: Yeah, thanks for doing the interview.
T: It’s been fun, so what kind zine do you guys do? Is it online?
F: Yeah, it’s an online zine.
N: Yeah, we don’t have the time and money to make a magazine. You’re currently in front of two paupers.
J: Two what?
N: Two paupers.
J: What’s that?
N: Paupers is like an old English word for like…
F: Poor people.
N: Like street urchins. [laughs]
J: Paupers?
N: Paupers and urchins.
F: Okaaay, I don’t even know what she’s talking about now. [laughs]
N: Paupers, urchins, and pummel people. [laughs] Anyway…
F: Thank you!

Catch Broadway Calls currently on tour with Alkaline Trio and The Audition, check dates on their MySpace:

Check out their new video for Back To Oregon HERE!


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  1. The Emperor says:

    I think this was solid. I like watching them shit on bands you like. I bet I could get along with these fellas swimmingly.

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