Interview – Every Avenue

Change The Record’s London duo, Karin and Nellie recently had a chat with Every Avenue guitarist Josh Randall. Pump jump included.

Karin: So, what’s been your favourite place to play in the UK?

Josh: Erm, so far London’s been amazing and Leeds. Actually, all the shows.

Nellie: Which was your favourite?

J: That’s so hard though…

N: You have to pick.

K: There is only one right answer here…

J: London was the biggest show we played and the crowd was amazing, so I’m gonna have to say London.

K: So, have you had a chance to sight-see?

J: We haven’t had the chance to see too much of London yet, but Leeds was really cool, Glasgow was too.

N: I’d say London, cos you’ve gotta have a bit of hometown love.

J: I haven’t had the chance to view it yet but soon.

N: What’s your favourite city all over? We know you’ve been to Japan and other places.

J: I like the UK a lot and then Tokyo was amazing. They’re kinda wishy-washy answers but every city has its own charm.

K: Very diplomatic!

J: Well, you guys have the best accent.

All: Awwww.

K: When have you just gone with it and regretted it?

J: There’s some girls that I might have had one too many before I started talking to ’em and the next day I regretted it! Haha.

N: Haha, bad choice.

J: Yeah, well it was only really one that was like, “OH MY GOD!”

K: Haha. For this next question, you know that song ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’?

J: Oh, yeah.

K: What bands are you currently putting your hands up for?

J: Four Year Strong are amazing, we just did some holiday dates with them. They’re one of the best bands live I’ve ever seen. I like Nicklecreek, they’re a folk band. Elliot smith is always great, Elliot Smith is amazing, I like a lot of folk-y stuff.

N: Good Old War?

J: Good Old War?

N: Really good band, they did the album stuff for Anthony Green.

K: Oh, how’s the pump jump movement going? World domination?

J: It was just an inside joke that the band made a stupid video for. It was like, haha, yeah, let’s make this video, more for us ’cause we thought it was funny ’cause it was a joke. I get asked all the time to pump jump, it’s crazy, I mean it’s cool.

N: I don’t know the pump jump.

J: I’ll do one!

[Josh proceeds to pump jump, lolz ensue]

N: That looks pretty epic.

J: It looks simple but it’s pretty hard to master, I’m not gonna lie.

K: You invented it so you can do it!

J: Me and Jimmie [Deeghan, Guitarist for Every Avenue], Jimmie’s a better pump jumper than me.

K: So, do any of you actually live on a road with the word Avenue in it?

J: I don’t believe any of us do, I think we all live on either roads or drives but Every Avenue’s more of a statement of we’ll do whatever it takes to get where we need to go.

Tay [Nellie’s friend interrupts]: Anything? Your tour manager did do a shimmy and a little thing for £2!

J: I believe that, our tour manager actually turns tricks while we’re on the road.

T: Hey, gotta get that money somehow.

J: Get that dollar, right?

K: Do you have any plans to come back to the UK?

J: Right now, we don’t have anything solid but we really wanna come back. Hopefully, we can come back later this year.

N: Plans for the new album?

J: Yeah, we started writing, we have a lot of the album done right now and I think we’re gonna record in April after the Take Action tour. It should be out by Warped Tour so July.

K: Are you playing all of Warped Tour?

J: About half of Warped Tour.

K: Favourite food?

J: Mexican food, tacos or lasagne, pizza.

N: Since when was lasagne Mexican? It’s Italian!

T: Well, maybe Quesadilla?

J: Well, yeah Quesadilla.

N: It’s a battle between Mexican and Italian.

J: Hey, I love ’em both. Dearly.

N: Favourite drink? We see you have a beverage in your hand now!

J: I like, actually I’m drinking Becks which is one of my favourite beers, Stella.

T: Oh, nooo, have you had Grolsch?

J: I had Carlsberg the other night.

T: Oh, nooo, Kronenberg or Grolsch.

J: Alright, I’ll look into it.

K: Have you had snakebites? A lot of people come over here and say ‘we need snakebites!’

J: Yeah, I had several, I had too many!

K:Your favourite guitar?

J: I play a Fender Telecaster.

N: Nice and simple.

K: Yeah, favourite shoes?

J: Converse All Stars, these are a little beat.

N: I just wore the shoes I wore to the last Boys Like Girls show.

J: There ya go, I wanna get some boots, though.

N: What’s your opinion on Jimmie’s solo stuff?

J: Yeah, it’s good. I support Jimmie in whatever he does, it’s cool. We all write music on our own.

K: Do you have any solo stuff?

J: Yeah, if we get to the point where we get the time. So if we get the time; I like folk music so it’d be like that.

N: Your favourite folk artists then?

J: Bob Dylan, Elliot Smith, Nicklecreek, I don’t know.

T: Have you read the Elliot Smith book? It thanks everyone that inspired him.

J: No, I haven’t seen that around.

N: What are your reading styles?

J: Today, I’ve finished reading Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, I think it’s an awesome book. I come from a religious family, I mean not particularly religious but it’s an interesting take on Christianity. I like checking everything out.

K: Change the record, what other bands do you recommend in 2009?

J: Personally, I’ve gotta say Dear Noel, good friends of mine, they’re really good so check those guys out. Friday Night Boys are gonna do big things in 2009.

N: Thank you for doing the interview, Josh.

J: It’s been awesome!

Every Avenue join Cute Is What We Aim For, Breathe Carolina, Meg & Dia and Anarbor for the Take Action tour, with dates across the USA starting on the 11th February.


3 Responses to Interview – Every Avenue

  1. Nellie says:

    Let it be known: transcribing is a dirty ho.

  2. Katie says:

    LOL i love how Tay just interrupted.
    in your interviews interrupting!

  3. Holly says:

    You made the transcript look beautiful. I am weeping from joy.

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