Interview – Hey Monday

Change The Record’s Karin recently had the chance to interview Cassadee Pope, lead singer of pop-punk band Hey Monday.

Find out what she had to say about roller coasters, the band being compared to Paramore and scented candles.

1. Please state your name, what you do in the band and describe your favourite pair of shoes.

I’m Cassadee. I sing in Hey Monday. My favorite pair of shoes are my red Reeboks with red rhinestones along the sides.

2. Is Monday your favourite day of the week?

To be honest, Mondays sucked in school. After starting to tour, Mondays started to feel like Saturdays. I’ve created a totally new outlook on Mondays. It would probably still be the same if I were in school of course.

3. What is the band’s writing process?

Mike usually writes the music, I then add my lyrics and melodies. There are two collaborations on the album. William Beckett from The Academy Is… co-wrote Homecoming, and Butch Walker co-wrote How You Love Me Now with us. I wrote the last two tracks, Should’ve Tried Harder and 6 Months on my own.

4. How did you feel recording with S*A*M on your debut album after he has produced such quality records such as As Cruel As School Children by Gym Class Heroes and the We The Kings record?

We were definitely intimidated before going into the process. We knew they both were amazing producers and had much success at that point. Once we met and hung out, we knew they were such chill and awesome dudes to work with. They really helped us evolve and recognize what our sound was. Up until the recordings, we didn’t really know what our sound would come out to. We just knew what we liked. It ended up being better than we had ever thought from ourselves.

5. How did the signing with Decaydance come about?

Pete heard an old demo of ours being played in the Crush Management office in New York City. He loved it, we heard. Since Columbia had already been interested, he joined with them and they are now both working on Hey Monday.

6. Being a female fronted band, there are going to be plenty of comparisons to Paramore. What are your feelings about this?

We understand. We understand the comparison to the extent of, “Well, Cassadee and Hayley are girls. They both sing in a band with all other dudes. They are both in pop/rock bands.” We know that our sounds are not the same. We’re more pop and happy. I think being compared to Paramore is a huge compliment. We all agree they are a great band and that she is an amazing singer. People saying we try to copy, however, sucks. We do our own thing. We do what we love. If it reminds people of Paramore, than hell yea! But if you really listen, our band and Paramore are not very alike.

7. Are you a fan of roller coasters/ any other scary theme park rides that throw you about, or do you hold tight with your eyes shut?

I LOVE roller coasters. I love heights actually. I would really like to go sky diving one day. I’m a fan of The Hulk ride in Islands of Adventures and the Rockin’ Rollercoaster in MGM in Orlando.

8. America is known for their natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Whilst driving on tour, what is the worst weather you’ve had to deal with?

Actually, we haven’t experienced any troubles while driving in Florida. Most of them came about in New York in December when we toured with All Time Low. There was a lot of snow and we got stuck so many times. As excited as I was to see the snow, I just wanted to get to the venue and be able to walk around!

9. What non-important/silly/random item do you miss the most when you’re away from home?

He’s not really an item but I miss my dog a lot. I can call and speak with my family and friends whenever I want. But I can’t with my dog, Domino. He knows how to make me in the best mood if I’m ever feeling down.

10. Have you ever set off a fire/security alarm and caused a bit of a commotion?

I’ve set off a few actually while cooking eggs. Those were my first times cooking them so I’d always spill the egg into the stove when I’d crack them.

11. Josey slips on her necklace and things get a little reckless. If you could put on an item of clothing and it gave you some form of super powers, what would the item and powers be?

I’d love to slip on some badass, high top sneakers and have them be rockets that shoot me up onto the moon.

12. Did any of you go through phases in life and you look back now and think what was I thinking?

I can honestly say that I’m really happy with my past. Obviously, there have been things like “Why did I ever date him?” or “Did I really wear that?” Everything else, I can look back on and smile or laugh. I’m a pretty positive person when it comes to my past. I know how to laugh at myself. I still laugh at myself.

13. What fragrance is your favourite scented candle?

I love pine tree scented candles.

14. You will be coming to the UK in March with Fall Out Boy; what are you most looking forward to doing/seeing?

I’m excited to see everything. I’ve never been there. I’ve heard it’s beautiful. Nobody has been able to really explain why it’s so amazing. That’s why I’m so excited. I’m not sure what to expect. All I know is that it’s supposed to be amazing! Elliot grew up there so he’ll have a lot of family for us to meet. I’m also really excited about that.

15. Have you started writing or have any plans for your sophomore album?

We’ll never stop writing. Especially not now with everything happening. Lyrics flow so easily to me nowadays. We’re not exactly sure the direction yet. We want to focus more on getting this record out there as much as possible. We do hope to make our sophomore album better than the first!

16. Change the record. What bands should we be listening to this year?

This Providence, Four Year Strong, Cash Cash, We The Kings, and Cartel.

Hey Monday’s debut album Hold on Tight is available now. Their world tour in support of Fall Out Boy starts on the 5th of February in Japan.


5 Responses to Interview – Hey Monday

  1. The Emperor says:

    I like that you credit the writers now!

  2. misha says:

    I love this band and their front woman seems really cute

  3. katelyn says:

    Cassadee Pope has amazing vocals and she’s really chill. Yeah her and Hayley are both front girls but she’s defanitly more pop than Hayley. Anyways she rocks!

  4. Vigliotti says:

    Thank you admin good work.

  5. Picozzi says:

    nice information, thanks for sharing. I would like to spread the words.

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