Jesse Leach returns

Jesse Leach, (Ex Killswitch Engage and Seemless frontman) has returned with a new band called The Empire Shall Fall.

You can listen to two tracks “The Kingdom” and “These Colors Bleed” on their myspace

In a blog, they said

Hello all

We have added a second guitarist!

His name is Marcus de Lisle. We’ve been auditioning him over the past 2 weeks and he played with Jesse for the final audition on Saturday, and we all decided we wanted him. He’s a nasty player, and an awesome dude, and right in line with our message. He has already added some cool parts and harmonies, and he makes our sound much more massive. He is also an audio engineer, so any further demo’s we do should be moderately better quality (sorry, still bound by incompetent mics ect).

Speaking of new demos, we’ve got 4 tunes that we will be recording soon. If you’ve seen us live, you will recognize 2 of them, but there are 2 brand new ones that we are all really stoked about. So be on the look out for that.

Also, we’ve got 2 shows in January which we will have details posted soon, and we are looking for 2 more in February in the NYC/Con/Penn area.

And these shows are very important, because they will be our practice with our new member and new tunes for our first record! We will be recording sometime in March (hopefully). We haven’t decided how many tracks we’ll be doing, but hopefully you like it.


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