Interview – You, Me, And Everyone We Know

user posted imageI (Nellie) recently got the chance to interview, Rico, rhythm guitarist, from one of my favourite bands, You, Me, and Everyone We Know. For those who don’t know, they’ve had some srs Carolina heat, they’ve had Bemis on their latest EP, and now they’re up for a mass human pyramid, madness, here’s what went down:

I’ve been told that usually, you’re meant to ask what the person being interviewed’s name is and what they do. That’s kinda boring for me, so can you say your name and a superhero or piece of fruit you relate to most? A tomato is, of course, a fruit.
My name is Rico and I’m like the Green Lantern in that he used to be white but now he’s black.

You guys have an ‘Unsigned and just fine’ attitude towards your music, how has this affected you as a band?
It’s proved to be the best attitude we could have adopted as a band. With the way the music industry is getting to be, putting yourself in the “once we’re signed” mindset can really slow you down.

You guys have released both your EPs for free to download (I personally love you for that). What do you think has been some of the advantages of doing this are?
The advantages definitely out-weigh the disadvantages. It’s is an excellent way to kick start your band, it catches people’s attention and it’s totally risk free for them. It’s definitely responsible for a huge chunk of our following.

‘I Can Get Back Up Now’, the first track on your latest EP ‘So Young, So Insane’ features Max Bemis; Was this a sudden decision made or did you plan to get him on the record?
We had been talking to him here and there for some months prior to him recording on our EP, but we didn’t actually take any steps towards him appearing on it until we were actually in the studio, so it did kind of feel like a last minute thing.

I happened to come across Do it Again! When I took a copy of the West Aspen Merch Fall/Winter 07 Sampler after a Hellogoodbye show. I’m not really sure if I had to buy merch in order to take it, but all the same I’m glad I did. What record would you commit a grand robbery for if there were only one copy in the world?
Well I’m not very slick so I’d probably get put away very shortly after committing this grand robbery and I’m assuming they wouldn’t let me take my record with me, but I’ve always been extremely fond of everything about Abbey Road, or, I know it’s still new, but I feel like that Vampire Weekend record is going to last the test of time with me.

You, Me and Everyone We Know sounds like a lot people. If we were to have a gathering with your people and my people in my hometown, the lovely London, I’d make sure we got crunk everyday. What would you do with the large amount of people in yours?
Probably the same. Also we’d be stupid not to try a human pyramid.

That last question reminds me of Donna Summer’s ‘Funky Town’ – what are your thoughts on her?
Even in the Winter, it can be Summer-time.

Cleaning out open sores is painful business, what’s the most painful thing that has happened to you?
I usually play it pretty safe but I got the wind knocked out of me falling off of a roof once, that was pretty frightening. I also presently have a canker sore.

Change the record. What bands do you think we need to watch out for in 2009?
Take Cover, The Morning Light, Lydia.

What do you bright fellows have planned for 2009?
Tour, write, make some progress, make some friends, keep on keepin’ on.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
Keep on keepin’ on.

Be sure to check You, Me, and Everyone We Know out at:

Their latest EP ‘So Young, So Insane’ is available to download from their MySpace or, alternatively, you can buy it from SmartPunk on 12th January.


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