New project from Ronnie Radke posts demo

From Behind These Walls, the newest project from former Escape The Fate vocalist Ronnie Radke have posted a demo.

The demo is available on their MySpace page. The band notes that the demo was actually recorded in February 2007 before Radke was put in prison.


2 Responses to New project from Ronnie Radke posts demo

  1. etf lover says:

    So Ronnie was with FBTH before he left Escape The fate!

    I love ronnie and escape the fate but if he did join the other band while he was with etf than thats kinda sorta rude!

    GO ETF!

    Oh and Craig isnt as bad as everyone thinks he is actually really cool!

  2. chloemay. says:

    Okay whoever you are, etf lover. You must be retarded. So many people are in more than one band. Side projects, all of that. It’s not rude. It’s music. And you obviously don’t know jack about music. I personally know Ronnie and I think that you should watch who you call rude. I also know Craig and I think that if you’re going to say anyone is kind of rude, you should say Craig is. He is absolutely full of himself. You must not know him personally because if you did, you wouldn’t be saying he’s cool. If you ever talk to him, notice how many times he says, “I” or talks about himself. He was better in blessthefall. his voice does not compare to Ronnie’s voice at all. Craig Babbit sounds like someone who should be singing with Hannah Montana. Thanks.

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