Chimaira title new album

Cleveland’s CHIMAIRA has set “The Infection” as the title of the band’s
new album, due in North America on April 21, 2009 via Ferret Music.
CHIMAIRA is still looking for label to release the new album in
territories outside North America (the group is no longer signed to
Nuclear Blast, which released “Resurrection” in Europe). The CD was
recorded in Cleveland with producer Ben Schigel

CHIMAIRA vocalist Mark
Hunter previously stated about the recording process for the upcoming
album, “I intentionally came into the studio without one lyric or vocal
idea. The majority of the songs written for this record were written on
the fly by us jamming in the bus. Two hours later we had a song. After
touring we continued that spontaneous style of writing and it was an
amazing feeling feeding off of each other’s ideas and just seeing where
the riffs would take us. I feel this is CHIMAIRA in its purest and most
vulnerable form. I felt that I wanted to harness that same raw talent
on the microphone as well. I basically freestyle over a song, find
patterns I like or words I might say and then build from there. I
construct the lyrics and then go in to track it. After that I sit on it
for a day, and then come back and fix things here and there. I’ve done
this method in the past with songs like ‘Power Trip’, ‘Severed’,
‘Paralyzed’, ‘Down Again’, ‘Pure Hatred’, etc. so it’s not a new thing
for me. But to do an entire record like this, that’s a first.”


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