Charles Hamilton.

From: Harlem, NY

Genre: Hip-hop

Releases: A ridiculous amount of mixtapes, something dubbed ‘The Hamiltonization Process’ by Charles himself. Good strting points would be American Gangsta v. 1.0 + 2.0, Outside Looking In and Crash Landed, all available for free download on various hip-hop websites across the internet.

One album, The Pink Lavalamp, although not being officially released by Interscope. Recorded before all the mixtapes, and the last step of ‘The Hamiltonization Process’, it’s the shining beacon atop the mountain of CH mixtapes in 2008.

One of my favourite artists of the year, his relentless work ethic shows not only a seemingly endless flow of creativity, but also a will to succeed, which is welcome, as all too often you see artists getting signed, then thining that the label will do all the work and it’s time to finally sit back and relax. Despite a deal with Interscope, Charles has ruled the mixtape circuit in 2008, his enthusiasm shining through for the world to see. He’s just released an official single, Brooklyn Girls, prepare to hear it everywhere in 2009.


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